Sagali Corporation acquired by MCG Energy

MCG is very proud to announce the acquisition of Sagali Corporation, the creator and provider of the COMPASS outage coordination solution. This new venture represents a very important and complementary extension to MCG's existing portfolio of energy scheduling, risk management, and electricity market solutions.

For many years COMPASS has been recognized as the best-in-class outage coordination solution, highly proven in managing the complex outage needs of generation, transmission, and distribution outage professionals in both physical and ISO markets.

MCG intends to integrate COMPASS's outstanding functionality with the existing product portfolio, allowing customers to leverage native integration of outage coordination planning with their core scheduling and operating systems.

Mike Prickett, MCG's co-founder and CEO, highlighted this acquisition's value this way, "MCG already has an outstanding portfolio of solutions targeted at wholesale power operations. The acquisition of Sagali and the COMPASS product meaningfully expands our ability to serve our customer partners through the addition of outage coordination planning and tighter integration of the user work processes. We are confident that benefits will flow to the users immediately."

Sally Jenkins, founder of Sagali, had this to say: "At Sagali, our primary focus is our customer. I am very proud of the work that my staff has accomplished in our years of building our business. Joining MCG represents the perfect opportunity for Sagali to provide our customers with continuing quality support and enhanced product development. We are excited to take COMPASS to the next level by leveraging the fantastic industry presence and software infrastructure that MCG has built in their business".

Sagali Corporation builds technology solutions for large electrical utility companies, focusing on Outage Coordination Software.

COMPASS (our Coordinated Outage Management, Planning, and Scheduling System) is a highly visible, and easily accessible, outage planning, scheduling, and coordination information system that can help minimize the duration and number of outages.

COMPASS can help reduce unscheduled production outages and minimize the length of planned outages.

COMPASS combines Outage Coordination, Dispatch Logging and Switching Orders into one integrated system.

Well-managed outages are cost effective and increase reliability.

COMPASS is the key to optimal outage performance.